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Welcome to the website of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects (ByAK). The ByAK, your PSC, invites any architect who desires to engage in architectural practise in the Land of Bavaria.

On an international level, the ByAK is providing such services to all architects from other EU countries and European Economic Area countries (Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland).

A key element of the PSC is to provide information on all compulsory steps for setting up a business in Germany. If desired, the PSC should support users in all these proceedings.   

Any architect who desires to start up an office in the Land of Bavaria shall first be registered in the List of the Architects and shall consequently become a member of the ByAK. Architects from other countries holding the professional title “Architect” are entitled to apply for membership. It is the same with interior designers, landscape architects and town planners.

Only registered members are allowed to draw up plans for approval and submit them for permission to the construction authorities:

A foreign architect who desires to engage in architectural practise for only a short time – without establishing an office – shall notify such provision of services to the ByAK and shall be registered once:

His/her service shall be provided under the professional title of the Member State of establishment, in so far as such a title exists in that Member State for the professional activity in question. That title shall be indicated in the official language of the Member State of establishment in such a way as to avoid any confusion with the professional title according to article 1 BauKaG (Bavarian law of the building chambers).

Further information concerning the necessary approvals and registrations is provided under the information portal of the Free State of Bavaria:

Information Portal

For any question, please contact the team of the ByAK:

Bayerische Architektenkammer
Waisenhausstraße 4
D - 80637 München

Phone: +49 (0)89 139880- 0
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